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Thu Oct 23, 2014, 10:06 PM
oops. FORGIVE ME, BOKU. carameleyeballplz.deviantart.c…
Mon Oct 20, 2014, 6:30 PM
Mon Oct 20, 2014, 6:30 PM
REITA-KUN . *u * The Gazettes shall rule the world.
Thu Aug 29, 2013, 9:14 PM
Fri Mar 8, 2013, 6:20 AM


Artist | Digital Art

Commissions are Open!

Prices are un USD$

Chibi $20

Loli style $28 (extra character $25)

Joshua and Alexandra by LukyAnCEmma by LukyAnCLuna and Kai 2 by LukyAnC

Celshading full body $30

Commission:Honi by LukyAnCCommission: Amethyst by LukyAnCCommission: Winter by LukyAnC

Celshading bust shot $20
Caswen by LukyAnCArvella by LukyAnC

CG full body $35 (extra character 30, + simple background $3)

Luna and Kai by LukyAnCCommission: Cecilia by LukyAnCErica by LukyAnC

CG Half body $30 (extra character $26 + simple background $3)

Colored sketch $22 per character

Colored sketch sample by LukyAnC

Manga Pages $45-$60 depending on complexity.

Mp2 by LukyAnCOW page 2 by LukyAnCDj-kid 2 by LukyAnC

Only drawing references accepted. Complex characters or long haired characters could charge a little more.

1.- Send me a note with:
Title: "Commission"
Character(s): name and serie in case of fanart, and name and link in case of oc's, also information about their personality, what they like etc.
Suggestion: what they're doing, or pose, or tell me if
you prefer I choose. (if you want an specific pose please send me examples : >)
Commission type: Lineart/Celshading/CG and if it's
Fullbody, chibi, halfbody etc
Paypal account: your name account (please include it,
this way I can know which is your pay :>)

2.-I will tell you if I accept ir ot not, My paypal account is ...don't send the funds before I accept your

3.-You send the payment

4.-I will show you the sketch when I have it, then you can change anything you want. When the drawin is finished I only can do minor changes.

5.- I give you the final drawing.
You will get:a PNG image of 2000+ x 2500+ px. 300dpi and if you want the .psd/.sai tell me and I'll give it to you.

-Graphic hentai (ecchi is ok)
-animals (I can try, but I am not very good drawing animals)

(Anthro's are ok, more human than animal)
-Old people

-Any other things are not in "I don't acept", I think XD

Facts you should know:
-I don't work with deadlines. I try to finish the commissions as soon as I can, but sometimes I cant. So your commission could be finished from 1 week to 2 or even more than a month (however, usually they are finished the same month you order it)
-I not promise to finish your commission in the order of who paid me first. (but I try to respet the order)

(in case you want other kind of commission feel free to ask ^^)

1.-:iconviralremix: Finished
2.-:iconjavilin12: Finished
3.-:iconthevgproducer: Finished
4.-:iconlordkayne: Finished
5.-:icondream-engineer: Finished

6.-:iconviralremix: Finished


Otherworlde charas by LukyAnC
Otherworlde charas
viralremix  Oc's army!! :iconotherworlde: 

I just put together thelast commission I made of them :> 

Hope you like it! Check that group! Is a great rp-group, so join and we can rp sometime 8D 

Commissions are openCommissions are open!
HylvOW by LukyAnC
Bullet; Black Basic Information Bullet; Black
Name: Hylvlian Einher (pronounced Hilian...the way google traductor pronounces it 8D )
Age: 19 years
Height: 157cm/5'2"
Species: Human/Black hole

Bullet; Black Academic Information Bullet; Black
Level: Beginner
Current Classes: ELM 101  CRS 101 
Passed Classes:
Experience: -

Bullet; Black Personal Information Bullet; Black
Dark clothes
Dark places
Weird or unusual things
Talking with interesting people and learning from them
Strange languages...

People feeling pity of her
Being interrupted while she's reading
Her human limitations
Waste time or people that makes her waste it
Being forced to do something.

Don't learn enough
Lose control of herself
Can't understand something
Being wasting her time
Find out she's actually not as good as how she think she is.
The Void...

Quick learner 
Strong blood/blood magic

Physically weak
Sunlight (though she's not photosensitive  anymore, stills give her head aches)
Excessive concentration, that can make her forget to eat or sleep if focused in a book.
Some times doesn't know when to stop 

Learn EVERYTHING, understand and see everything that is possible, and even find an impossible way to know even more. 

Reserved, but can open up and be kind and sympathetic if she wants to. Is antisocial, but is easy to have a conversation with her. She's ambitious and inconsiderate towards those who get in the way. She helps if she's asked to, but she's not naturally helpful. Distracted, aloof. Looking for independence. 

History: She and her sister were orphans, so they grew up in orphanages. Left out by the rest of the children because of her weak state (photosensitivity)  she grew lonely and bullied, taking refuge in books. The only one to protect her was her sister, but she was also busy with her studies, leaving Hylv alone with books and her love  for magic grow. She entered to a magic academt when se was about 15, and graduated at 17, but in the prosses something went wrong, and her left eye has almost no iris, wuth a huge pupil, giving the feeling of being engulfed  when someone looks directly into it. It actually engulf some things from time to time...

Bullet; Black Roleplay Information Bullet; Black
Chatroom Availability: Nope
IM Availability: Notes and Skype. 
How did you find #OtherWorlde?: by viralremix  *glomps*

Script Sample: 

Hylv: My eye? *She hadn't realized until Zyr mentioned it, but actually she was feeling something. It was too subtle untill she put attention to it. She noticed something else was happening by then. She was not only being attracted to the black hole, but the dark lines coming out of it, seemed to be also attracted by her.* Eh... Zyr... I think would be better if... *The vision of her left eye was getting darker. It was not until a few seconds later that she understood the reason, when she saw with her other eye the tentacles, alike the dark hole's between Zyr's hands, were coming out from her darkened eye, getting longer and longer ,  going to meet the other tentacles .* ...  *She wanted to tell Zyr to close it, but she was lost looking at that show, and she wanted to see what was going to happen next. She heard again the voices, the distant and ethereal voices.* You should go away, Zyr...*and the serious tone on her voice freezed her own blood*

Pharagraph Sample:
Hylvlian: "There are also people that come to get enrolled...they don't study here yet, you moron", she was about to say, but then he said it was a joke and the bile left the place for shame. It was not too much bile nor too much shame though. Her feelings were usually rather weak and usually she forgot them as soon as she got distracted with anything. 
"My name is Hylvlian Ei...Hilian." She shouldn't give her last name to anyone, since it was not actually a name but a designation. Einheris were usually orphans, and most had no last name, so they used to take "Einher" as a last name. "It is written 'Hylvlian'", she added automatically. Most time when someone asked her name it was to write it in a register book...mostly orphanages or hospitals "what is 'Hexing?' " The word caught her attention, making her forget about what she was supposed to ask.

Lucius by LukyAnC
:bulletblack: Basic Information :bulletblack:
Name: Lucius P.
Age: 225 (looks around 13YO)
Height: 4'11"
Species: Vampire

:bulletblack: Academic Information :bulletblack:
Level: Beginner
Current Classes:  CHR101, NEC101
Passed Classes: -
Experience: -

:bulletblack: Personal Information :bulletblack:
Beautiful things
Art (music, painting, dancing, acting, he does them all)
New experiences
Anything fun!
Seriously, beautiful things.

Presumptuous/arrogant people
Wet soil smell
Dull people

Being buried again...for third time
Never find what he's looking for
Sleeping time...(nightmares)

Corporal regeneration
Corporal modifications
Immortal (unless especific circumstances)

Is too naive
Too beautiful things paralize him for a while.
Stakes in the heart...8D;

Revenge. Kill
demons. Go back in time, or find an especific person he lost.

He's a very cheerful person, that is a little hyperactive. He wants to be doing something all the time, hates to get bored. He likes to show off his abilities and talents, and loves when people is putting attention to him. He takes care of the people he cares, and is very tender with them when it is needed.

Born in the ends of 18th century in europe, he have lived the changes on society and the technology. As a child was praised as a virtuous of arts, he loved to play violin and piano, and also draw. When he was eight years old, he was sold by his father to a rich woman that was charmed by Lucius beautifulness and talent. He actually liked the change, even if sometimes he tried to run away from home. But the woman trated him well, and always fullfiled any desire he would had, though he was happy whenever he had a piano, a violin and paints, so he wouldn't ask too much. He was embraced (turned into a vampire) when he was 17 years old, and when he woke up  was buried, a horrible experience. When he realized what he was, made the best of it, en eventually found other people like him. They weren't too good people, but he was okay with them. Then a new boy joined them, because Lucius asked the others to accept him, instead of killing him. He was a beautiful boy about his own age. They both got very close, and together started to get a good reputation in the vampiric society. Then, almost a century later  they got separated which crushed both of them. He was kidnaped and keept in an unconsious state for about 20 years. When he was released he heard his friend was already dead, but he's still looking for him, even if he tells to himself he don't.  

:bulletblack: Roleplay Information :bulletblack:
Chatroom Availability: Nope
IM Availability: Notes and Skype.
How did you find #OtherWorlde?: by viralremix  *glomps*

Script Sample: Lucius: Okay so it's a silently infiltration mission! right? I AM GOOD AT THAT! *his voice was fifty decibels too loud to support his words* And why you say he won't like me ? I am adorable!!! *he wished take the mask off, and change his eyes back to normality to show his most adorable face. That one that most of the times granted him whichever whim he could have* *He didn't replied about the comment of samhain liking him, but an innocent smile appeared under the mask*

Paragraph: no examples =v=;

My english sucks 8D; sorry
Ice lick by LukyAnC
Ice lick
Hylv and Zyr...being Hylv and Zyr does a shadowling taste like, Hylv? 

*goes back to study instead of doing silly comics* 

Hylv © me
Zyr (mIzzy) © :icony0uko: 
When is this gonna eeeeeeeeend!? WHEEEEEEN? Wheeeeeeeeeeeeen? *random rant*

Hi guysssss, I am trying to be more active around here, and it seems to be working 8D... I mean, I am drawing more so I have more things to submit.
I am still trying to find an own style 8D; I know someday I'll get it. 
I just went back to university. It have me broken 8D... I need money...or food. I can work for food. Give me that chicken in exchange of a drawing, please? OvO

Anyway, this seems to be a better year than last one, which was hard to me. I hope it will be^^

What about you guys? how's your 2015 being?  :>

Remember my commissions are open 



Mar 5, 2015
11:17 pm
Mar 5, 2015
6:59 pm
Mar 5, 2015
6:18 pm
Mar 5, 2015
5:50 pm
Mar 5, 2015
4:35 pm



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