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BOO!~ Q//~//Q
Sat Apr 18, 2015, 9:42 PM
*O*! *overuses it*
Thu Oct 23, 2014, 10:06 PM
oops. FORGIVE ME, BOKU. carameleyeballplz.deviantart.c…
Mon Oct 20, 2014, 6:30 PM
Mon Oct 20, 2014, 6:30 PM
REITA-KUN . *u * The Gazettes shall rule the world.
Thu Aug 29, 2013, 9:14 PM


Artist | Digital Art
Commissions are Open!

Prices are un USD$

Chibi $20
CC by LukyAnCFon by LukyAnCCC:Reita by LukyAnCCC: Lilith by LukyAnC

Loli style $30
Joshua and Alexandra by LukyAnCEmma by LukyAnCLuna and Kai 2 by LukyAnC

Celshading full body $35 (Extra character $30)
Otherworlde charas by LukyAnC Blush blush by LukyAnC Boo by LukyAnC

Celshading bust shot $20
Caswen by LukyAnCArvella by LukyAnCRoss by LukyAnCOdroah by LukyAnC

CG full body $40 (extra character $35, + simple background $5) (ask for complex backgrounds)
Dino Tamer Mista! by LukyAnCErica by LukyAnCHe is a refined squirrel by LukyAnCThis is a room. by LukyAnCDino Tamer Mista 2 by LukyAnC

Manga Pages $50-$60 depending on complexity.
Mp2 by LukyAnCOW page 2 by LukyAnCDj-kid 2 by LukyAnC

Only drawing references accepted. Complex characters or long haired characters could charge a little more.

1.- Send me a note with:
Title: "Commission"
Character(s): name and serie in case of fanart, and name and link in case of oc's, also information about their personality, what they like etc.
Suggestion: what they're doing, or pose, or tell me if
you prefer I choose. (if you want an specific pose please send me examples : >)
Commission type: Lineart/Celshading/CG and if it's
Fullbody, chibi, halfbody etc
Paypal account: your name account (please include it,
this way I can know which is your pay :>)

2.-I will tell you if I accept ir ot not, My paypal account is ...don't send the funds before I accept your

3.-You send the payment

4.-I will show you the sketch when I have it, then you can change anything you want. When the drawin is finished I only can do minor changes.

5.- I give you the final drawing.
You will get:a PNG image of 2000+ x 2500+ px. 300dpi and if you want the .psd/.sai tell me and I'll give it to you.

-Graphic hentai (ecchi is ok)
-animals (I can try, but I am not very good drawing animals)

(Anthro's are ok, more human than animal)
-Old people

-Any other things are not in "I don't acept", I think XD

Facts you should know:
-I don't work with deadlines. I try to finish the commissions as soon as I can, but sometimes I cant. So your commission could be finished from 1 week to 2 or even more than a month (however, usually they are finished the same month you order it)
-I not promise to finish your commission in the order of who paid me first. (but I try to respet the order)

(in case you want other kind of commission feel free to ask ^^)




Lucius Hiems Mansion App by LukyAnC
Lucius Hiems Mansion App
:bulletblack: Basic Information :bulletblack:
Name: Lucius P.
Age: 225 (looks around 13YO)
Height: 1.52m./4'11"
Species: Vampire-like thing. 

Position: Host (believe ir or not)
Others: He normally only shows his two "normal" eyes.

:bulletblack: Personal Information :bulletblack:
Beautiful things.
Art (music, painting, dancing, acting, he does them all).
New experiences.
Anything fun!
Seriously, beautiful things.
And eyes. Specially those of colors that he has not in his colection.

Presumptuous/arrogant people.
Wet soil smell.
Dull people.
Serioulsy, demons.

Being buried again...for third time.
Never find what he's looking for.
Sleeping time...(nightmares).

Corporal regeneration
Corporal modifications
Immortal (unless especific circumstances) 
Very fast
Supernatural perception

Is too naive
Too beautiful things paralize him for a while. 
Stakes in the heart...8D; Please no stakes around.

Kill demons.
Find an especific person he lost. 

He's a very cheerful person, and is a little hyperactive. He wants to be doing something all the time, better if is a new experience. Hates to get bored. He likes to show off his abilities and talents, and loves when people is putting attention to him. He takes care of the people he cares, and is very tender with them when it is needed. But don't get the wrong idea: he has a lot of talents, and there a few that are aplied to his enemies, and he's pretty good at them. Plus if he's bored he may do things that you could find...a little rude. 

There are not much details about how he arrived to the mansion, but it happened not much time ago. Wishpers says that is one of the few hosts that have actually met the Fuyuki twins, but a very few would say they're sure about it. His reasons to be there are also unknown, but he's looking for something or someone, and seems to think that if he stays in the mansion he could find it, and a few guests have mentioned saw him  in another "magic" place, like Hiems, not long time ago. 
Anyway the mansion is alway changing, and that means a lot of fun to him, so he is enjoying it, plus there is a lot of people to play with! And a lot of weird things. He's very happy of finding such a place. 

Relationships status: ♡A♡
Bullet; Red♡A♡ Bullet; Pink*A* Bullet; Blue ÓuÒ Bullet; Green ^v^ | Bullet; Purple>U< | Bullet; Yellow¬v¬ | Bullet; White¬)3¬ | Bullet; Orange>)^(< | Bullet; BlackX^X (<-this will be you)

Bullet; PinkBullet; WhiteAsteri: He's a little grumppy sometimes, but is fun to do things with him. Oh! >///v///>;  
Bullet; Blue   Kitsu: I WANT TO PET HER! But she doen't D8
Bullet; WhiteBullet; YellowAlex You're areally nice person...when are passed out :>
Bullet; White  Axel Not drinking at the mansion! Is forbidden!... probably.
Bullet; Blue Ellie You seems nice, and easy going. And you're cute! I like you! 
I know I am missing people! D8

:bulletblack: Roleplay Information :bulletblack:
Chatroom Availability: Nope
IM Availability: Notes and Skype. 

Script Sample: Lucius: Okay so it's a silently infiltration mission! right? I AM GOOD AT THAT! *his voice was fifty decibels too loud to support his words* And why you say he won't like me ? I am adorable!!! *he wished to take the mask off, and change his eyes back to normality to show his most adorable face. That one that most of the times granted him whichever whim he could have* H

Paragraph: no examples =v=;

My english sucks 8D; sorry
Chloe and Emma by LukyAnC
Chloe and Emma
Commission for :iconfsmemory: ! These are her Oc Chloe (the dragon girl) and Emma, :iconodroah:'s character


Hope you like it guys!

Commissions are open!
Chr101 by LukyAnC
As a vampire, he needs to do a HUGE effort to stay awake while daytime, so...repeat that in a classless day was not funny to him. And he got Boo worried.

Lucius is mine
Boo is :icony0uko:'s
Boo by LukyAnC
A commission for the awesomeldorable :icony0uko: IS BOO! MEET BOO! BOO IS SO COOL! AND CUTE! AND AND AND..he's gonna have a white tigger OvO
He's a student at :iconotherworlde: 

Commissions are open!
When is this gonna eeeeeeeeend!? WHEEEEEEN? Wheeeeeeeeeeeeen? *random rant*

Hi guysssss, I am trying to be more active around here, and it seems to be working 8D... I mean, I am drawing more so I have more things to submit.
I am still trying to find an own style 8D; I know someday I'll get it. 
I just went back to university. It have me broken 8D... I need money...or food. I can work for food. Give me that chicken in exchange of a drawing, please? OvO

Anyway, this seems to be a better year than last one, which was hard to me. I hope it will be^^

What about you guys? how's your 2015 being?  :>

Remember my commissions are open 



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